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My new blog on wordpress

Just a quick note to let you know that I now have a blog on WordPress.  It’s Amber’s ramblings under amberdarlene.  Rather than posting my various adventures here, I thought I’d post them there.


5 Responses

  1. I added a link for you, Amber, and I’ll make sure it’s in the blogroll here too!

  2. I’ve added you to my blog reader over at Blogspot…


    FYI, I suggest everyone add a Feed compiler application to their current blog, or start a separate blog dedicated to just it (like I did). WordPress and Blogspot have add-ons built into their software, and there are third party widgets galore that do the same thing. It’ll keep track of anything with an RSS feed, and this way you’ll know when you’re favorite blogs have been updated…just like the old 360! homepage used to do for us.

  3. Thanks for adding the link, Khyri!
    Renee, as soon as I figure out how to add the feed compiler, I’ll do it, thanks!

  4. In WordPress, you have to go to your Dashboard, then to the Design Tab, then to the Widget tab. It’s called “RSS”, and you’ll have to enter the Feed URL for whatever other blog you want to keep track of. It kind of sucks, but you have to add each one individually it appears.

    Blogspot is a lot easier to use…it has one widget that reads and organizes all your feeds for you. There are other such utilities out there too. I recommend using one of those instead…unless you’re really sold on being a “one platform gal”. I don’t see the point though.

    The net effect of doing this is that you create a online set of bookmarks for yourself that in one quick, easy glance, you can see who among your friends has new content. There are dedicated social bookmarking sites out there, but my Blogspot page has worked out great for me…I especially like the ability to customize the page and fill in the white space with other content.

  5. Good advice from Renee.

    As I don’t have a “general” blog on WordPress or Blogspot, I use Google Reader to organize my RSS feeds in one place. I keep a tab open in my browser at all times to the page, and it automatically reloads itself on a regular basis – and the title of the page even changes to have the number of new items in parentheses, so I can easily see when something has been posted by a friend, as the title shows up on the tab.

    There are many other RSS readers out there – some are web-based like blog widgets and Google Reader, and some are dedicated software in their own right. Experiment a little, and find what’s right for you!

    I also agree with not being a “one platform gal”. Because of my job, I have to be aware of, and know how to use, most of the platforms out there. But even if it wasn’t “professionally required”, I’d still go out and experiment! Variety is the spice of life, they say. 😉

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