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Stillettos and Sneakers – Haggard and God

alexandra_59-websizeThe amazing transgender actress Alexandra Billings is an even more amazing writer, in my opinion. She presents her opinion in ways that can really make you see complex issues much more clearly and succinctly. I’ve been following her Livejournal for some time now.

Today I noticed Alex had posted about Ted Haggard’s appearance on the Oprah Show. I like the way she doesn’t take the “He’s just a hypocrite” stance that so many other LGBTQ bloggers have. I like the way she can understand why he says the things he does. I like the way that she clearly makes the point that Haggard and his family could resolve the situation without losing their faith – that it’s the rules of their particular religion that prevents them from doing so right now.

And most of all, I like her last four paragraphs which demonstrate an insight that I’ve not seen expressed anywhere else. Anyone in a relationship in which one partner realizes their sexual or gender identity differs from the one they originally presented to their partner can learn from this, especially if they also have a strong religious faith.

As I commented on the post, the sad thing is that neither Haggard nor his wife are likely to ever read Alexandra’s words.

2 Responses

  1. I too have been following Alexandra’s blog for several months now. Her posts usually fluctuate from being silly (including her Katie’s Corner videos) to her heart wrenching stories taken from the sometimes brutal path she’s had to travel in her life.

    I hope others discover what a rare gem this amazing beauty is!

  2. Hi Khyri, Lori and all,

    I had not read any of Alexandra’s blog, and now did go there from your link.
    Haggart did somewhere ring a bell with me, but for the rest I guess I missed the whole commotion.
    Alexandra is right as I too think this is a guy with a problem. I guess we can see this as a good example of the pain and hurt that is put onto people by the way most of society does not accept people for who and what they are, which is for a very large part induced by organised religion.
    I left my thoughts.

    I hope I will live to see the day where people will be accepted and respected for who they are. Where people are not outcasts for not adhering to the labels that were put on them at birth.
    Where love is simply accepted as normal and beatifull; no matter where this love is between people of the opposite sex, same sex, corrected sex or anything in between; as long as the partners are consenting adults.


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