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From Mars to Venus II

In 2005, while in-between moving, my room mate to be had been in contact with a trans girl who was making her way across country from Carolina way to the west coast stopping, from time to time, if she met kind-hearted people along the way who may allow her to stay for a spell. Well, she stayed at our place for a week or so, I believe, and ended up making quite an impression on me in her short time there. We went out a few times to clubs, drank too much, and just got a chance to get to know each other. The bond with trans women is already usually very strong, but she helped me find the courage, yeah, courage, see (?), to stand up straight, and be proud of who I am (I love you for that, Maya). Damn the torpedos. During her visit we had spoke of when she reached her destination of San Francisco she would call us and we had better get our butts out there as soon as we could. A nice thought, but hardly realistic. So, I thought. She left us in late summer.

Early in ’06, true to her word (though we had corresponded on-line), she called us with an invitation to come out to SF for a week, and while there, attend a GLBT job fair being held at the GLBT community center. This offer was too good for my room mate, and, I to pass up. The bonus was that we were going to be staying at the B&B our friend was working at the whole week, and at a crazy-good price to boot. The B&B house was a wonderfull place. I instantly felt at home as soon as I walked in and set my bags down. There were times when I didn’t want to leave just because I was enjoying just being able to relax without all the pressure that came with “home”. A few afternoons were spent reading in the great room while classical music massaged my nerves in the background. I could have stayed in that house forever. Continue reading

From Mars to Venus

My story isn’t much different than what you may find anywhere else, really. The early years of life was spent playing in grandmas basement after school, running around the neighborhood with my gang of friends, playing ball, jumping in the creek, roller skating (it was cool, back then), just typical kids stuff. Through grade school I was semi-popular, awkward in my tall thin body, kinda athletic, funny, and liked by teachers because I was polite and never a problem. But, oh, mother, did I have a secret.

As I began to come out of the fog and haze that was the years of Junior high school it was dawning on me how painful life was about to get as puberty was ravaging my neutral body into a fragile shell of a man. From the first day of high school I could tell that all the guys were maturing into men, and the women who had begun blossoming a year or so before were that much more beautiful, and then there was me. Needless to say gym class was weird. The locker room banter and disrobing made me feel on display for all to see my freakish self in my underwear. Hence why I didn’t always dress for gym. The anxiety trip that high school ended up being allowed for me to become quite the recreational drug user. I would go to parties with friends, blend in to the crowd, find a quiet corner, or, try and lerch onto someone so it doesn’t look like I am alone on an island. Typical parties, really, with weed, cocaine, acid, and alcohol being staples. Yeah, I was a real loser, allright. Whatever made me not want to think about who I was, and how I was just wasting away, well, I would try it- within reason. No needles (even a loser like me has principles). Continue reading

A (Not So) Short Introduction

Because this is a new venture, and because many of my fellow contributors (to say nothing of potential readers) probably don’t know me, I thought I’d post an introduction. So without further ado…

Howdy. I’m Christianne. Continue reading