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Summer is here…again

Life seems to seep back into normalcy after questing in Oblivion for over a month. It seems like all the NPC’s in Tamriel do not seem to have a problem with Laura, actually they are very nice and throw in lots of compliments. I’ve been called Champion, Divine Crusader, Demon(Daedric) Slayer and a good citizen. Even the tough looking(and very handsome) legion soldiers have a nice word for me, even though they seem a little bit curt as they go around their business. But this is not a blog about my geeky accomplishments on the PS3. It is not about a sensational 360 comeback or some ground breaking news. Nah, just me writing some sentences cuz I enjoy writing. I want to get back to the groove. before I get caught in the next quest, of course. And, before I go on vacations and see my kids for summer. Life seems to be getting busier outside the internet all the time now.

Hurricane Season is here again, and I went shopping for some stuff, plus I wanted to upgrade the bathroom. My cleaning supplies had been depleted yesterday, too. K-Mart gets my business because it is close to my house. As I was browsing the shelves looking for a good sunblock for work, three gay black guys pranced into the aisle were I was. We made eye contact and smiled. I was not going to give them any reprobatory looks, as some of the latin women usually give to someone who does not conform to their standards. I have noticed this for a while now, black girls smile at you and don’t mind, the white folk just see that your green bills are as good as any. But latin women seem to give you the stare down, like they are not affected by the rule that staring is rude. I don’t like to generalize and I know that I am stereotyping, but what happened next got me into thinking that the way we are educated and where we get our education is important. As I approached the rows of cashiers I detected a familiar face. I had seen her during Pride and at the Townhall Meeting for TERI, our local TG group. Her name is Dawn, and she is a F/T woman in her late 60’s. I understand why she didn’t look up and waved hi at me, but instead, kept her head down and tried to hurry up. The latin woman behind her was giving her the stare down. I got behind this lady and tried to make contact with Dawn, but she scurried off quickly as soon as she paid. After she left, the woman laughed and tried to make the young black cashier girl join her in the fun. The black girl only smiled politely as she looked my way. That woman was still laughing when she turned around and saw me staring her down. Latin women are short and my stare down at 5’9″ was pretty effective for her height. I know she glanced back in disapproval of my attire. I may not have been wearing make up but my tight jeans and my long hair screamed androginous( I had just plucked my eyebrows in the morning, too) All I can say is that my sneakers, jeans and t-shirt matched, a lot had to be said of her outfit, let’s leave it like that 😛

Now, I don’t think this was by any means my heroic deed of the day, I’ve slaughtered colonies of goblins and vampires in Cyrodil, and cleaned up the caves and highways of Leyawiin from bandits and highwaymen. I was actually, more pissed off at the dude who took my parking space at home! But I am well aware that we still have a long way to go. Don’t let your guard down, not just yet 🙂

Ms Kitty and I