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Sex drive and transition

Hello to all the fine readers out there!

My question today is about sex drive and transition.  For those of you taking HRT, how does transition affect your sex drive?  I have to wonder if your existing sex drive before transition has very much to do with how it reacts to the change in hormone balance, from testosterone to estrogen for the MTFs, or from estrogen to testosterone for the FTMs .

My personal story starts with a fairly low sex drive from before I started HRT.  I wasn’t really too much into sex, although I did have my urges, just not nearly enough for my ex!  🙂   I don’t know, maybe my age and the depression were contributing factors to the lack of sex drive.  Anyway, after about 3 months or so on spiro, I really had a serious loss of sex drive, coupled with a lack of erectile function.  At this point, a year and three quarters into HRT, I have zero sex drive.   About 6-7 months ago, I noticed an increase in my sex drive and guessed that my T level was increasing.  A blood test showed that I was right, my level had gone back up to about 550 at that point and I had to change my dosage levels to bring it back down.  I’m guessing that the T level is back down because, as I said, I have zero sex drive at this point.   To be honest, I don’t miss it.  For me, it was distracting and uncontrollable.  I’m much more comfortable with myself now, although, if I was ever able to get GRS, I’d want to know what sex would feel like from the other perspective.

So, if you care to discuss it, what is your perspective on the subject of sex drive and transition?