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Sex drive and transition

Hello to all the fine readers out there!

My question today is about sex drive and transition.  For those of you taking HRT, how does transition affect your sex drive?  I have to wonder if your existing sex drive before transition has very much to do with how it reacts to the change in hormone balance, from testosterone to estrogen for the MTFs, or from estrogen to testosterone for the FTMs .

My personal story starts with a fairly low sex drive from before I started HRT.  I wasn’t really too much into sex, although I did have my urges, just not nearly enough for my ex!  🙂   I don’t know, maybe my age and the depression were contributing factors to the lack of sex drive.  Anyway, after about 3 months or so on spiro, I really had a serious loss of sex drive, coupled with a lack of erectile function.  At this point, a year and three quarters into HRT, I have zero sex drive.   About 6-7 months ago, I noticed an increase in my sex drive and guessed that my T level was increasing.  A blood test showed that I was right, my level had gone back up to about 550 at that point and I had to change my dosage levels to bring it back down.  I’m guessing that the T level is back down because, as I said, I have zero sex drive at this point.   To be honest, I don’t miss it.  For me, it was distracting and uncontrollable.  I’m much more comfortable with myself now, although, if I was ever able to get GRS, I’d want to know what sex would feel like from the other perspective.

So, if you care to discuss it, what is your perspective on the subject of sex drive and transition?

6 Responses

  1. I lost that loving feeling 12 years ago, actually I couldn’t get the male side of me excited enough even with viagra so I don’t think about it. HRT hasn’t been a problem but at times I will feel something and of course have to take care of things but all in all I don’t think about it.

  2. Thanks for the reply Shauna! I guess nobody else is interested in, or willing to discuss this issue here. How do we expect anyone else to learn anything about us, or themselves, if we’re not interested in discussing it ourselves?

  3. HI Amber. Sorry there aren’t more comments on this topic. I think it’s interesting.

    In male incarnation, I had a very strong sex drive. My crackpot theory is that I sublimated my desire to be female into a desire to have sex with them. I wasn’t any Lothario, but I had my share. I also used to masturbate frequently.

    Having been on hormone therapy now for 10 months, my sex drive is quite low. Sometimes, however, I still get horny, and sometimes I succeed in masturbating to orgasm. And my T level is quite low. There is more to sex drive than T, methinks. (Viagra and similar drugs are about circulation problems, not really sex problems.)

    My spouse and I also have times of intimacy, and I get what I think is more a “girlgasm” than a male orgasm. There’s a peak and then a subsiding but no ejaculation. After all, those parts are still sensitive. They’d better be, because they’ll be used to create my neo-parts.

    I hope my GRS will result in a lot of sensitivity. You really can’t know going in, and it’s a risk. But hopefully the guy I’ll be going to will be able to make it work. That would rock!

  4. When I was active as a bi, I would always be the girl and the orgasms would be out of this world. But the estrogen I am on has given me more in knowledge than in sex thoughts. I am hypersensitive in my bottom as well as my male side. I just find men to be awful since my rape. Thank god I have my toys 😉

  5. My sex drive has dropped off pretty dramatically, though it hasn’t vanished completely. I’m still completely functional, though my orgasms are significantly different: clear discharge in very small amounts followed by a continuing “dribble” for about 10 minutes thereafter. It’s interesting. The best ones are the ones with no discharge, the ones where everything is internal. These strike me as being a kind of Tantric orgasm and they’re pretty mind-blowing. Motivating myself has been the problem. For the most part, I just don’t care. I have to remind myself to keep in practice (which would have been inconceivable to me in my days before HRT, when the impulse was constant and strong). I no longer get random erections. I usually don’t wake with morning wood anymore, either. We’ll see how all of this goes after my orchi.


  6. I lost all my sex drive after about 12 months on 100 mg per day of the anti androgen Andracur.

    I was quite sexually active pre transition, but as a sub because I could not get an erection in a mans company. Strange maybe for a straight woman, but just sought of proved that what I had should never have been assigned to me at birth.

    Hopefully post GRS my sex drive will return, but this time a female sex drive, only time will tell.


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