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The blogroll is finally up. Check it out in the sidebar!

Everyone who has been added as a contributor or shown interest, should have a link right now (though with people being added as I type, I could be wrong!) If you have an active 360 page, that’s what I’ve linked to – otherwise, your link is to your WordPress Blog or Livejournal.

If you would prefer to have your link go to a different page – or want an additional blogroll entry – please post the URL in comments to this post, or send me email with the details.

8 Responses

  1. Thank you for doing that. I love the idea of being able to not only allow posts and comments from all sorts of wonderful people, but to also tie them all together through a string of home sites we can go to.

    I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship!


  2. Hey Lori,

    Do I need an invitation from you to blog my two cents worth here???


  3. Added you to the blogroll, Karen – welcome!

  4. Hey girls
    Not sure how to sign in, but you can count me in 🙂

  5. You’re already in, Laura – if you’re logged into WordPress, you should be able to post here now!

  6. OK, so how do I get a photo/thumbnail to show for my own comments to others?

  7. If you’re logged in as a WordPress user, you should see a ‘My Account’ link in the top bar, which will drop drop to reveal an ‘Edit Profile’ option. In there, you’ll find a place to upload a picture.

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