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New England Transgender Pride March: Thoughts from a straight ally

I discovered this thought-provoking blog post from Jendi Reiter:

The first-ever New England Transgender Pride March took place this weekend in Northampton, and I was there with my “Episcopal Church Welcomes You” rainbow tank top and a digital camera to capture the pageantry. I was hoping to blend into the MassEquality contingent, but they were scattered around other groups this time, so I just milled around looking like I knew what I was doing, and took lots of pictures. Next thing I knew, someone had handed me a bunch of purple and white balloons, and I was marching behind the lead banner, shouting “Trans Pride Now”.

Go read the whole thing! You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

3 Responses

  1. In a wonderful irony and demonstration of the power of the internet to unite across boundaries of time, distance, belief and life experience, on the same day that you direct us to Jendi’s report on the Northampton Trans Pride March, Callie, who I quoted in my blog yesterday, reports that Jendi found her blog and finds it “insightful and well written.” Further investigation indicates that Jendi found Callie’s blog after Callie found and commented on the same report on the Trans Pride March that you found. Last but not least, before I uploaded my post yesterday, I found a link to Jendi’s report on Donna Rose’s blog and had already read it and admired her pictures and insight. So, the circle is complete.

    All of this is a demonstration of the ad hoc communities that the internet facilitates, which can lead to more permanent connections, like my friendship with Callie, that keeps me blogging and reading and making connections that I would never experience otherwise. I don’t think I’ll thank Al Gore for creating the internet, which, BTW, according to Snopes.com, he never claimed, but I am certainly grateful for its existence and, most importantly, the people who make it such an enriching experience for me, including you. 🙂

  2. You can find more pictures of the March, as well as links to even more pictures and other info about the March, here. (Thanks to Lynn who commented on Jendi’s post and included this link.) And the circle grows.

  3. As an RG girl friend I have discovered a whole new way of having fun and of being in love with two people at once. Quite unexpectedly I fell hopelessly in love with the woman whilst still being in love with the man. We only go to Fetish and Fantasy type events dressed together as she doesn’t want to do everyday at the moment. But at home she’s often pottering around with her toe nails painted and her best frock on.

    My sexuality is finding new outlets and my own gender definition is definitely expanding too.

    I’d love to talk to other RG’s who enjoy their relationships. I’d also love to take my partner somewhere glamorous and gorgeous dressed to kil…but where could we go? Any suggestions. In the west of England, UK but love to travel!!! JJ

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