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A Cooler Kid Than I Ever Was

I just wanted to take a few moments and share this blog entry I found today.   This kid is in 9th grade and willing to make a stand for LGBT rights.

How cool is that?

10 Responses

  1. Yay for Hope! Sounds like a mature head on young shoulders.

  2. Pretty cool… I had to disagree about the Hitler thing though. Want to feel hurt and pain on a major level? Visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. Oh, and don’t forget to look over the cement barriers keeping the kids away from THOSE screens.

  3. Thank you very much for the ‘feature,’ if that is what it is called.

    As for a response to lorriannetucson’s comment, I am going to say the same thing I said in response to somebody else with a similar opinion.

    “It is not that I like Hitler, I am just saying that I do not ‘hate’ him. While what he did was unbelievably cruel and hard even to think about, I feel bad about what his life could have been like, had he chosen a different path.”

  4. Oh, sorry about that last bit, I did not make the connection that you are the same person I told that same thing to. My mistake.

  5. I was about to chime in and say the same thing, but you put it just as well as I could have, supposedly. As hard as it is to contemplate, even Hitler was someone’s baby once. Your having the guts to even have that thought is what I admired about your post.

  6. It’s quite alright, Supposedly. I do think your way of thinking is a breath of fresh air from the “let’s just BOMB the hell out of everyone who disagrees with our point of view.” Right wing, left wing extremism = lots of lots of lifeless bodies. Thanks for getting my mind thinking again 😉

  7. You are welcome, though I did not do much of anything. I agree with your statement on the effects of extremism- many people are not even willing to listen to somebody who does not share their view; or, if they do, it is merely to argue about it.

  8. “Right wing, left wing extremism = lots of lots of lifeless bodies.”

    When exactly did left-wing extremism result in lots of lifeless bodies?

    I know that right-wing extremism results in dead bodies, every day, in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, where the death tolls are close to a million.

    What’s this moral equivalency of saying that left-wing extremism produces dead bodies? Who exactly are we talking about here as left-wing extremists?

  9. I was referring to the opposing Stalin regime that resulted in, what was it, oh 36 million or so, dead bodies east of Germany? Call Communism left or right, I don’t care, but that’s what I was referring to. Nazism, Communism… right/left…up/down…whatever.

  10. there was also Mao and the Cultural Revolution…sad, that

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