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The Transcendence Continues

I thought I would link Kinsey’s blog concerning an issue her husband has with her friendship towards trans women. It just goes to show you how complicated gender issues (or transgender issues in this case) can make our lives.

Reading about a husband’s honesty and willingness to communicate what he might not understand or and cope with was refreshing. I think you’ll agree with me.


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  1. As I explained to a trans friend Wednesday evening, my husband is a now-57 year old man who grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota. Issues such as gender and orientation were never acknowledged or discussed, EVER. He probably had never even thought about any of these issues until he met me and I came out to him as a bisexual woman when he was 22. The man has been open and loving and accepting of so many things about me, my social circle, and the LGBT community in general since his introduction to something other than heterosexuality.

    In fact, to refine what happened last weekend, further discussion revealed that his statement was not meant as a blanket, across-the-board position about my friendships with trans women — ANY trans woman. It was directed to one specific relationship and some situations within that relationship.

    The fact that he was willing to communicate with me about this issue rather than remaining confused and uncomfortable in silence is a credit to him, as is the fact that he has been willing and able over many years to stretch his horizons.

    Yes, it is a complicated world!

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